Stainless Steel

Rolled Steel Products carrying a wide range of finishes and types in both 300-400 stainless steel coil and plates


  • Corrosion Resistant l Poor conductor of electricity
  • Low maintenance
  • Magnetic (Ferritic and Martensitic)
  • Nonmagnetic (Austenitic)
Stainless Steel

Specification Use/application

GRADE 202 Metal Flooring Machine Platforms Stair Threads Catwalks Ramps Kitchenwares Utensils Indoor Architecture
GRADE 304 Architecture, Decoration, Food and Brewery Processing Equipment’s Auto Components Medical Equipment’s Pit Covers Gutters Car Plate Pit Covers Filter Baskets Sifters Storage Tanks Platforms
GRADE 316L Used for Corrosion Susceptible Environment Mechanical Component are Difficult to Make Heat treatment after forming Installation along the seacoast Equipment for Food Paper, Dyes, Digesters, Fertilizer, Furnace Parts, Filters
GRADE 310S Chemical Equipment, Heat Resistant Parts, Drying Equipment, Heat Exchanges, Petroleum Refinery, Burner Parts, Refractory support, Oven Linings, Basket and Trays, Food Industry in contact with hot acetic acid and citric acid
GRADE 430 Architecture Building, Window Frame, Decoration Household Electrical Appliance, Washing Machine, Drum, Gas Range Stove, Plate, House wares, Automotive Trim
DUPLEX 2101 Storage Tanks, Water Heater Tanks, Chemical Process Vessels, Piping and Heat Exchangers, Water and Waste Water Treatment Industries
DUPLEX 2205 Pressure Vessel, Piping and Heat Exchanger for Handling Gas and Oil Cargo Tanks for ships and trucks Effluent Scrubbing System Digesters
DUPLEX 2507 Container for Pulp and paper Industry Tube and Pipe System, Petrochemical Refineries, Desalination Plants

Steel Rails

We supply steel rails produced in China. The supplies are according to standards in Chinese, UIC860, AREMA, ASTM A1, BS11:1985, JIS, South African, Indian Standards Etc. Reference standards: DN, EN, JIS, UIC, BS, GB Type: Light, Medium and Heavy

Stainless Steel

Steel Sheet Pile

We supply steel rails produced in China. Reynar supplies Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Pile from China according to Chinese, Japanese and European standard. We are a marketing partner for one of the prestigious rolling mill in China to market Steel Sheet Pile.


European & Japanese Standard U-shaped Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Pile

European Standard U-shaped Steel Sheet Pile

Sizes: SPU601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606A, 18-1, 22-1, 28, 32, 16, 20, & 25 Length – 12mtr

Japanese Standard U-shaped Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Pile

Standard : JISA 5523 / JISA 5528 Sizes: SPU-I, II, III, IIIA, IV, VL, VIL, IIw, IIIw,IVw Length – 12mtr

Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel

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