Steel Billets

Square Steel Billets 1Sp, 2Sp, 3sp, 4Sp & 5sp Grade

Specifications Square steel billets

  • M.S. Billets
  • CRS Billets
  • Special Alloy Billets

M.S. Billets are used for rolling of TMT Re-Bars of Fe415 and Fe500 Grade and various other structural steel products.

CRS Billets are used for rolling of CRS TMT Re-Bars.

Special Alloy Billets are used for rolling of any special grade TMT Re-Bars like Earthquake resistant TMT Re-Bars and for special grade structural steel products.
The following are the sizes of Billets available: 100 X 100125 X 125150 X 150

Physical Properties:

Description As per IS 2830 STEIRON Billets
Bend (max.) 5 mm per meter >= 5 mm per meter
Carbon (max.) 3mm per meter >= 3 mm per meter
Length 3 mt – 13 mt 3 mt – 9 mt

Billets of different designations are manufactured in three different grades namely A, B, C having sulphur, phosphorous content (on ladle analysis) and carbon equivalent as follows:

Chemical Analysis:

Grade Sulphur Phosphorous Carbon Equivalent (CE)1
Max Max Max
A 0.05 0.05 0.42
B 0.045 0.045 0.41
C 0.04 0.04 0.39

Chemical Properties: Ladle Analysis:

Description As per IS 2830 STEIRON Billets
C15 0.12-0.18 0.30-0.60
C18 0.15-0.21 0.30-0.60
C20 0.17-0.23 0.30-0.60
C15 MMn 0.12-0.18 0.60-1.00
C18 MMn 0.15-0.21 0.60-1.00
C20 MMn 0.17-0.23 0.60-1.00
C15 HMn 0.12-0.18 1.00-1.50
C18 HMn 0.15-0.21 1.00-1.50
C20 HMn 0.17-0.23 1.00-1.50
C18 MMn 0.15-0.21 0.60-1.00

Stainless Steel


We produce & supply high quality Highway Guardrails for various markets. Highway guardrail is a strong metal bar along the side of the road that prevents vehicles from driving off the road.

Key Features: 1) Normal size
A) Length: 3,200/3,810/4,000/4,300/4,320mm or Customised
B) Width: 306/310/312/380mm
C) Thickness: 2.75, 3, 4mm
D) Coating: 80, 82, 83, 85mm or Customised Zn coating

2) Profile: W-beam, three beam

3) Application:

A) JT, T28-1995 (corrugated sheet steel beam for expressway guardrail)
B) AA SHTO M-180 (corrugated sheet steel beam for Western Markets)
C) RAL-RG620 -German or any other international standard

4) Base steel: steel grade-Q235B or Q345 (S355JR/ASTM A529M 1994)

5) Thickness of the steel: 3mm, 4mm, 6mm or according to customer’s request

6) Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanized or powder coated

Stainless Steel

Steel Purlin

Steel Purlins are mainly used for structural steel construction as a structural component.
Our cold formed steel purlins are used for other applications such as racking and shelving, automobile, and other fabrications, etc.

Product Description:
Size: 60x30x10mm to 250x75x25mm
Thickness: 1.6mm to 4.5mm
Weight: 1.63kg/m to 14.90kg/m
Customized shapes & sizes also available for projects.

Stainless Steel

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